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Best Diapers For Overnight  2020 – Keep Baby Dry and Sleeping Overnight


Overnight diapers are a great investment that ensures you never have to deal with wet babies, clothing or bedding. They ensure a deep and peaceful night’s sleep for your little angel by ensuring it doesn’t get soaked.

But how do you identify the best diapers to buy overnight?

This publication aims to provide comprehensive advice on how to determine the right diapers for your child and some of the best diapers available today.

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What are overnight diapers?

Think of overnight diapers as an upgraded version of their disposable counterparts. Constructed to keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours, overnight diapers are extra absorptive, usually with around 20 to 25 percent more capacity than regular diapers. They’re a little more bulky than day diapers, but thanks to innovations like ultra-thin cores and special dry layers, they don’t really look, fit, or feel much different than average disposable diapers. (They tend to cost a bit more, though.)

Does My Baby Need Overnight diapers?

It’s ironic, but babies love to sleep. It is almost everything they want to do during the first months of their lives.

Those first few weeks, you get excited when your baby is finally awake because that means you finally have a little interaction time. But when night comes, you would still like me to keep those beautiful eyes closed as much as possible.

But with so many things in a mother’s life, the more you love it, the less it seems to happen. It is as if babies could feel our apprehension about having another sleepless night. There are multiple reasons why babies tend to wake up so much at night, but two large ones are uncomfortably wet and hungry .

Because being wet can make a happy baby wake up, they need more than the diapers they normally wear during the day.

Extra Absorption Needed
You need to find something that contains all the leaks that your baby will skip over the course of one night. Day diapers are not made with as much absorption power.

I learned that lesson the hard way. At bedtime, I put my baby to bed while listening to my favorite lullabies. I would make sure she had as much bottle as she could handle her little belly.

Then he carefully placed her in her crib and tiptoed out of the room, praying that it was finally the night that she would let me sleep through the night. I was starting to look like a crypt keeper at the time and I was desperately waiting for him to give me a break.

But effectively, three or four hours later, she would be screaming at the top of her lungs. He would check it out and his diaper would feel squishy and sometimes it was leaking too, no wonder he woke up! I would also feel uncomfortable trying to sleep like this.

Finally, I had a light bulb moment and realized that if I could find a diaper that could hold more, she would sleep better. So after a search where I tried various overnight diapers, I finally found the one that worked for us.

Did this story end with me sleeping 10 hours uninterrupted every night? Well, no. But that’s because my baby didn’t have a good dream to start with.

But he reduced his awakenings to one less each night. That was enough extra sleep to at least make me feel human again.

When Do You Need Overnight diapers?

Again, this will depend on your little one, but we found that the need for overnight diapers tends to start around 6 months of age, which is the time when most babies add solids to an already solid amount of formula or breast. milk, resulting in a higher volume of fluid and food intake throughout the day.

What Type of overnight diaper is Best?

Some experienced tips to keep in mind when deciding which overnight diaper is better for you and your baby:

Test before buying in bulk. Finding a overnight diaper that works for your little one is often a matter of trial and error. Each brand adapts differently to each baby, and what works for one may not work for another. So don’t buy big at first – try a small package of a brand’s overnight diaper option first before committing to a big tour.
Boy against girl. No, we are not trying to start the next baby gender wars. But while we talk about the fit issue, it’s important to note that boys and girls urinate differently, which will mean a different moisture pattern on the diaper. You may have to experiment with a few different brands to see what works best for your baby.
Size up. Most parents find it helpful to evaluate diapers at night. You’ll still want to make sure that the diaper fits snugly around your little one’s waist and across the legs, but a size larger than your baby’s daytime diaper will give you an extra boost during the night when it comes to absorption and ensures maximum dryness.
Add a pad. Leaks occur, even with diapers at night. (And especially when your toddler is the age when he’s still drinking a ton of breast milk or formula and eating solids.) Diaper Booster Pads slide directly into your baby’s diaper and add an extra layer of protection at night.

Why You Need Overnight diapers?

Overnight diapers are crucial in ensuring that your little one enjoys a peaceful night’s sleep. They prevent your baby from waking up in the middle of the night due to dirty bedding. By wearing these diapers, you will also get a good night’s sleep; They will save you from waking up at night to tend to your soaking wet baby.

Let’s briefly highlight the key benefits of wearing overnight diapers:

Leak Protection: Some of the best diapers provide excellent leak protection, but the low quality ones can leak after the smallest movements. overnight diapers are specially designed to provide a perfect fit and avoid this problem. This is often accomplished with features like double bracing and elastic leg holes.
Absorption: diapers have some kind of absorption core, and their performance varies. overnight diapers come with more layers in this core than day diapers, therefore better absorption. This ensures that your baby can sleep longer before requiring a diaper change.
Comfort: You need a diaper to keep your baby dry without causing discomfort. overnight diapers excel at this, as most are made of soft materials that keep moisture away from the skin. They also do not leave rashes or cause burns to the skin.

Possible bad reactions: Some babies have a rash due to certain materials used in diapers. If your baby reacts to a particular type of diaper, you will want to avoid it and switch to another type.

Absorption: To keep your baby dry until morning, you need a diaper to look like a sponge, sucking up as much liquid as you can. If a diaper says it has multiple layers, it’s a good indication that it will hold up well.

Cost: If you are on a tight budget, the cost of the diaper you choose will influence your decision. And you might experience a bit of an impact on the sticker when you go shopping for a pack of diapers for the night – they’re more expensive than daytime diapers. However, remember that they are worth the extra expense because you will not have to change your baby as often.
Materials: If you are concerned about chemicals in diapers, you will want to keep a completely natural diaper or a cloth diaper that doesn’t use foreign materials that could aggravate your baby.

16 Best overnight diaper Reviews of 2020

1. Huggies OverNites Diapers

Huggies OverNites Diapers

Heavy wetters have a difficult time and their parents too. You feel horrible when you enter your children’s room every night only to find them crying because they have disturbed one more night of sleep by wetting the diapers. You need to find a solution that can support that kind of volume.

Huggies OverNites diapers can keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours, but for heavy wetters, they wouldn’t count on them lasting as long. I really appreciated this brand when I was a new mom. In the morning I couldn’t believe how much liquid was in these diapers, and I couldn’t understand how they didn’t leak.

Its SnugFit waistband helps ensure these diapers fit snugly, but not too tight. They also have a leak-blocking design that keeps moisture away from your baby, which means less risk of a rash from wearing a single diaper all night. The tabs on these diapers stay, even after a long night’s sleep and a heavy diaper to hold.

Also, these diapers are more than functional – they’re nice and have little Winnie the Pooh pictures on them.


  1. These control leaks really well.
  2. Even if your baby sleeps in a wet diaper all night, you should have no problem with diaper rash.
  3. The tabs remain in place.


  1. You can demand a diaper when you have limited control of your bodily functions after seeing the price.
  2. They can have a chemical odor, which can be bothersome for people with sensitive noses.

2. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

If you are not interested in purchasing an additional pack of diapers specifically for night use, consider buying a brand that can be worn during the day. Look for a diaper that has a high absorbency but is not too bulky. You don’t want to carry your poor baby with a giant, soggy diaper that they have to drag around during the day, but you also don’t want a thin diaper that lets you down at night.

Baby Dry diapers have a moisture indicator on the outside of the diapers, but only in sizes N, 1 and 2. The indicator changes color when your baby’s diaper is wet, ending that awkward play on the one who tightens your baby’s diaper to see if it’s soaking wet.

These Baby Dry diapers have three layers, while many have only two. They offer moisture protection for up to 12 hours and use a large UltraAbsorb coating to add to your leak protection.

One of the reasons these diapers hold so much moisture while feeling thin when dry is because of the absorbent gelling material they contain. The gel, when dry, looks almost like small hard stones. When the material gets wet, it softens and increases in size.

These feel soft, both on the inside and outside of the diaper. With flexible leg and waist openings, you can find a comfortable fit for your baby.


  1. These offer long-lasting protection against leaks.
  2. Pretty cheap for a overnight diaper.
  3. The lashes are elastic, not stiff like other brands.


  1. If the diaper becomes too full, the absorbent gel material can break through the diaper and cause a disaster.
  2. The size seems to be a little small so you may need to size it.

3. Sposie Booster Pads

Sposie Booster Pads

As all new moms know, a baby is safer to sleep on his back. But once they learn to roll over on their own, all bets are void, even if you place them correctly, at some point they may roll on their bellies to sleep. Because most diapers are padded underneath and behind, this sleeping position presents a challenge when it comes to keeping baby dry.

Although these little booster pads look suspiciously like something else, you’ll get over it when you realize how much extra fluid they absorb, which means more valuable rest time for you and your little one. Just put one on any diaper and the absorption capacity is doubled.

The temples are free of latex, chlorine and fragrances, making them less likely to aggravate delicate skin. The padded upper is soft, so even if you add extra volume to the diaper, you won’t feel uncomfortable while your baby sleeps. You don’t have to worry about fit as they come in a universal size, and you can adjust the position to help your front bed.


  1. Flexible, so they can move with your baby.
  2. A lifesaver for heavy wetters.
  3. It can be used to add additional absorbency to other less suitable diapers.


  1. The pads do not come with an adhesive backing, so they can be moved.
  2. Some parents have complained about the absorbent “crystals” leaking and making a mess.

4. Pampers Overnight Swaddlers

Pampers Overnight Swaddlers

Your baby sleeps better when he is comfortable and comfortable. Pampers has created a special overnight diaper that is as soft as a blanket to help your baby (and everyone else!) Sleep soundly.

There are two different parts to this diaper that make it so comfortable. First there is the Heart Quilt lining that keeps all the mess away from your baby’s delicate skin. These diapers offer 12 hours of protection.

Then you have the outer shell made of a super luxurious blanket-like material that’s twice as soft as other leading brands. This is especially important at night because scratchy or stiff materials can wake your baby if they squirm.

Other features include patented air channels to keep baby dry and a humidity gauge so you know when accidents happen.

You can get Pampers Overnight Swaddlers in various sizes.


  1. Super plush and soft for all-night comfort.
  2. Inner quilt lining keeps the mess away from your baby’s skin.
  3. A wetness indicator lets you know when it’s time for a change.


  1. All the additional features do not make this diaper very eco-friendly.

5. Bambo Nature Diapers

Bambo Nature Diapers

Many diapers will do an excellent job of absorbing whatever your baby throws at them, but they are useless if a child who is red and irritated wakes you up and can’t sleep anyway. Diaper rash is no joke, and children who are aggravated by a scratchy diaper will have a harder time than those who are too wet. If your baby has sensitive skin in general, try to find a brand that is totally natural and hypoallergenic.

These diapers offer an environmentally friendly method of changing your baby’s diapers while providing high absorbency to prevent accidents at night. They are made from bamboo pulp using sustainable forest methods, where each tree that is cut leads to more trees planted.

So if you’re worried about finding a natural overnight diaper that doesn’t have all the chemicals other diapers have, you should consider Bamboo Nature. Children with sensitive skin will not have to worry about this because they have been dermatologist tested to ensure they do not cause irritation or allergies on the skin.

They are breathable, thin and soft, they can also be used both day and night with a great absorption capacity that will not change your baby’s clothes and sheets at 2 a.m. every morning.


  1. No chemical smell.
  2. Very soft on baby’s skin.
  3. Absorbent, even at night.


  1. Its size is small: you will want to size it.
  2. Occasionally you will come across a diaper with faulty tabs.

6. Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers

Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t find diapers to do all the things you need. Diapers can be incredibly expensive, but luckily there are many brands that offer great quality options for parents who may not have the money to throw the tubes away. It just takes a little more research to find them.

These diapers have special leg seals with a leak barrier to prevent moisture from spilling out of the diaper. The leak guard core also absorbs liquid quickly to keep your baby nice and dry.

Best of all, Luvs are one of the most affordable diapers from any major brand, and they always feel so soft. The elastic tabs can be retightened, so if you don’t get the best fit the first time you put the diaper on, you can remove the tabs and try again. Basically these are pretty and cute diapers that are solid artists.

As added protection, Luvs offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the way you hold the diaper. Just send your receipt and UPC to Luvs within 45 days. All moms love a money back guarantee because it eliminates the risk of trying new products.


  1. Affordable diaper option overnight.
  2. These open very well when you are doing a diaper change.
  3. The tabs can be readjusted.


  1. Like Pampers, these diapers use gel material, which can sometimes remain on your baby’s skin if the diaper is too wet.
  2. Without humidity indicators.

7. BumGenius Freetime All in One Cloth Diaper

BumGenius Freetime All in One Cloth Diaper

If you want a good night’s sleep and save the world at the same time, you might consider the cloth diaper route. It won’t throw away 10 diapers a day, so it will lessen the waste that your baby’s waste generates. Cloth diapers have come a long way in the past two decades. They are now comfortable, absorbent and easy to use.

BumGenius Freetime diapers are your best choice when it comes to cloth diapers that will make your baby feel dry overnight. They also have a leak-proof outer cover.

They use snap closures, which are easy to use and don’t break like eyelashes sometimes do. Plus, the snaps can be adjusted to expand with your growing baby, so a one-size-fits-all diaper will fit children up to 35 pounds. The elastic gives this diaper enough stretch to comfortably hug your baby’s legs and waist without causing those red marks caused by overly tight diapers.

The absorption power of this diaper comes from the semi-bonded soft inserts that absorb the liquid. You don’t need to put anything extra in this diaper, and when it’s dirty, you just take it away from your baby and throw it in the washing machine. It is a cloth diaper that requires little maintenance, like a disposable.


  1. These diapers have cute and colorful designs.
  2. You can continue to wear this diaper for a long time due to the adjustable snaps.
  3. No diaper fill required.
  4. Easy to wash


  1. Although you will be able to use it repeatedly, buying a single diaper is quite expensive.
  2. They look more bulky than disposable ones.
  3. Diaper ointment can stain these.

8. Honest Overnight Baby Diapers

Honest Overnight Baby Diapers

Just because your little one can fill his diapers will have unspeakable horrors, doesn’t mean that diapers can’t look cute on the outside! If you’re the type of mom who loves a sweet design, then you’ll have plenty of options as today’s diapers have evolved from the boring white they used to come in. And you don’t have to settle for the same blue as always. -boys-pink-for-girls designs either.

The Honest Company has an excellent track record for creating diaper designs that are truly adorable. Your baby will be sound asleep most of the time when wearing them, but designs can still bring a smile to your face when you change your diaper in the morning.

These have a fun sheep design, but don’t be fooled – they’re still perfectly effective diapers. They fit perfectly for a leak-free night, and are soft, hypoallergenic and absorbent without being too bulky on the butt. They are made from sustainably harvested pulp that is not treated with chlorine or other nasty chemicals.

Other layouts in the range consist of T-rex and panda, skulls, space travel, feathers, giraffes and much more. Your sleepy little head may not appreciate style, but you will.


  1. A good organic company.
  2. Plant-based layers that are gentle on baby’s skin.
  3. The waistband adjusts perfectly without pulling or squeezing.


  1. It may be too thin for heavy moisturizers.
  2. Very stiff and can be uncomfortable for some babies.

9. GoodNites Bedtime underwear for Boys

GoodNites Bedtime underwear for Boys

Young children can retain more fluid in their bladders than babies, which means they need a sturdy diaper at night. To complicate matters, young children are like mini escape artists, and they can shrug and get out of almost anything that is uncomfortable for them. So you’ll demand to target on finding a soft, ultra-absorbent diaper to get the job done.

These GoodNite diapers are more like training underwear and are made with five absorbent layers and a fun Marvel superhero design on the front so they’ll appeal to little boys. Even once your child is potty trained, he may still have a hard time staying dry at night. A diaper like this is designed specifically for older children who need a little help to stay dry after bed.

Babies who are working on their ability will receive a confidence boost from these diapers and will be cheerful to wear something if it is printed with their favorite characters. This brand also makes diapers for girls with Disney characters, although be careful: not all characters have all sizes.


  1. Wide, elastic sides.
  2. Double reinforcement around the leg to stop leaks.
  3. Thicker padding on the front for kids.


  1. If the diaper cracks, you’re disabled with large numbers of disordered “beads”.
  2. Some children may be sensitive to these diapers and have rashes.

10. Naty by Nature Eco Friendly Disposables

Naty by Nature Eco Friendly Disposables

I know how it is: Being an eco-conscious consumer and caring for the environment sometimes feels really tough when you just want the comfort of a disposable diaper that works, period. By good luck, all-natural, eco-friendly diapers have come a deep way, so you don’t have to establish for something lower efficient just because it’s the most responsible option.

These Naty overnight diapers are the real deal. Free of toxins, chlorine, dyes, fragrances or phthalates, they are also certified by a large number of health and environmental agencies such as EcoCert, FSC and the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. These breathable diapers are made from renewable natural resources that won’t make you feel guilty every time you throw a wet diaper in the trash.

These diapers are great for a natural hypoallergenic choice and are soft against little bums. If you’ve always been bothered by the layers of plastic and padding you know will end up in landfills, these lighter, softer diapers may appeal to you.


  1. A truly green option to change your baby’s diapers.
  2. Simple and minimalist design without flashy colors.
  3. Without smell


  1. There seem to be some tab-less “rags” in some packages.
  2. The construction is a little weaker than other brands, so it is not ideal for very heavy wetters.

11. Softest overnight diaper (Seventh Generation Free & Clear Overnight diapers (Size 4, 96 count))

Softest overnight diaper (Seventh Generation Free & Clear Overnight diapers (Size 4, 96 count))

Pampers Swaddlers is one of the most loved diaper brands. The night version of the brand features everything parents love about day diapers (ultra soft, air channels and a moisture indicator) with the added benefit of all-night protection with up to 12 hours of wicking.


  1. Seventh Generation diapers are free of harmful chemicals and compounds. There are no bleach, lotions, or artificial fragrances present in the diapers.
  2. These diapers have excellent absorbency and are relatively inexpensive.


  1. Some parents believe that the change in diaper design is causing leaks.

12. Best Budget overnight diaper (Luvs Triple Leakguards Diapers (Size 3, 198 count))

Best Budget overnight diaper (Luvs Triple Leakguards Diapers (Size 3, 198 count)

overnight diapers are definitely more expensive than the average diaper, so if you’re looking to save a little, check out Luvs Triple Leakguards. Although not specifically marketed as a overnight diaper, they do have three absorption areas specifically designed to keep baby’s skin dry and can absorb 20 times their weight, all while costing more less than most overnight diapers on the exchange. There’s also a moisture signal, greater tabs for a secure fit, and a smooth, easy feel.

13. Best overnight diaper for Day and Night (Pampers Pure Protection Diapers (Size 3, 27 count))

Best overnight diaper for Day and Night (Pampers Pure Protection Diapers (Size 3, 27 count))

Another option that isn’t specifically designed for the night, parents find Pampers Pure to be so absorbent that many choose to wear them at night without leaking. These hypoallergenic diapers are made from cotton, plant-based fibers, and are free of chlorine bleach, fragrance, lotion, or parabens. They come in adorable prints and feature a humidity gauge that lets you know when it’s time to change.

14. Best Store-Brand overnight diaper (Target Up&Up Overnight diapers (Size 3, 86 count))

Best Store-Brand overnight diaper (Target Up&Up Overnight diapers (Size 3, 86 count))

Ah, Target, your one-stop shop for shampoo, that adorable shirt you didn’t know you needed and … diapers for the night! We love the nights of this bullseye brand for its absorbency, softness, elastic waist and sides and affordable price. They are also free of latex, fragrances and elemental chlorine and have a hypoallergenic inner core.

15. Best for Potty-Trained Toddlers: GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear

Best for Potty Trained Toddlers Good Nites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear

Just because your child is potty trained (congratulations!) Doesn’t mean he won’t be in an accident, especially if he sleeps soundly at night. GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear makes your toddlers dry and easy throughout the night, even if they have an accident.

Formulated with five layers of absorbent material, the underwear also has elastic sides and leg barriers to prevent leaks. Even better, they are specifically formulated for the male and female bodies. The boys version has additional absorption in the front, and the girls version has additional absorption closer to the bottom of the pad. Plus, they absorb odor.

With great protection, these are great for toddlers who are in the middle of potty training or who haven’t been potty trained at night yet.

16. Best Overnight Cloth Diapers: BumGenius Freetime

Best Overnight Cloth Diapers BumGenius Freetime

Designed to be as effective at wicking moisture as disposable diapers, the BumGenius Freetime is designed for babies between 8 and 35 pounds. The exteriors are made of leak-proof laminated polyester, and the interiors are made of moisture-wicking polyester that keeps your baby comfortable and dry. Secured with butterfly clips that snap to the front, the BumGenius Freetime comes with dry inserts that can be added to offer additional protection at night.

With layers of absorbent pads, BumGenius free times ensure they never leak at night.


  1. It works like a standard cloth diaper and can be easily washed.
  2. The diaper has stylish buttons that are easy to close. There are different rows of snap buttons that help expand the size of the diaper as the baby grows.
  3. The diaper can support a baby up to 35 pounds (15.8 kg).
  4. The inner lining consists of attached inserts that fold down to remove the diaper.


  1. The diaper can be large and bulky compared to a standard disposable diaper.
  2. The diaper can be used multiple times, but it is relatively expensive.
  3. Cloth diapers tend to develop blotch with long-term use.

Tips for Switching Diapers

Then you have found the brand that you are going to try. Now you can use these tips to give your baby an even better chance to sleep through the night.

Don’t buy in bulk: it might be cheaper to buy in bulk, I know, but you’ll lose money if you stop using them because they don’t work for your baby. When you start with a new diaper, buy the smallest package available, to avoid a major financial commitment before you know if you like them.
Consider sizing: wearing a size larger than your baby’s is worn during the day is a risky strategy, but it’s one that can pay off. A larger diaper can hold more, so it may be just what your baby needs to prevent leaks until the morning. On the other hand, if the diaper is too big, it will leak. Use your common sense with this tip.
Try sticking with your brand: If you have a daytime diaper that works well for your baby, try the night version of that brand. If you like one and it doesn’t cause a rash, you’re probably very lucky with the nighttime guy, too.
It can always double: When you have a young child, a overnight diaper may not be enough because young children are older and may, well, cry more. My children’s diapers were sometimes so heavy that I felt like I was doing bicep curls in the gym just lifting them up. If your child produces 5 pound diapers and will not last through the night, you can always wear two diapers at once.

How to Use Overnight diapers

If you have a baby, all you can do is put on the diaper at night as soon as you think you are sleepy at night. Then he will give them a bottle to make sure their bellies are full before they fall asleep. Then you cross your fingers.

But if you have a young child, there are a couple of tricks you can use to help set the stage for a full night’s sleep.

Be sure to change the diaper just before bed: young children are fantastic vendors. You can tell them it is bedtime, and they will find a million reasons why they still can’t sleep. They will want a bedtime story, plus snuggle, or they will suddenly be thirsty or hungry. My child would do anything to avoid bedtime, especially on the days I worked in the office because he couldn’t see me for long before going to bed. So if your toddler has a habit of delaying bedtime by 30 minutes, be sure not to change it until just before he gets under the covers.
Make the last call to get water about an hour or two before bedtime: if you make sure the last large glass of water or milk is an hour or two before bedtime, that will reduce the amount of liquid they will leave in those poor diapers during the night . Less liquid means less chance of penetration. If your child is thirsty before bed, just offer a few sips instead of a full glass.

What about Overnight diapers for heavy wetter’s?

If your baby has a heavy, wet bed, even the extra absorbent diapers from the night before may not be enough to hold your baby’s water sources. If you can’t stop your baby’s diaper from leaking, the first thing to do is check the size. A diaper that is too tight or too loose will leak everywhere. But if your baby still manages to urinate through the thicker, more absorbent diaper at night, then I still have one more trick up my sleeve. Use a booster pad. Also known as a diaper bender. A diaper booster pad covers your baby’s existing diaper, adding an extra layer to absorb the funky things that flow from your baby at night. An extra layer of protection may not seem like much, but the results will surprise you. A booster pad can be the difference between a dry diaper and a wet diaper the next morning. My personal favorite is the Sposie Booster Pads. Thousands of parents swear by its effectiveness. And I agree with them. These things are like a force field for your baby’s diaper, preventing moisture from penetrating. Sposie Diaper Booster Pads Let’s see how your heavy bed gets wet to do that! But it’s not just heavy moisturizers that benefit from the booster pads. Booster pads also do wonders for people who sleep on their stomachs. If your little one sleeps on his tummy, especially if it’s a boy, all the pee will be concentrated in the front of the diaper. You may have even noticed that the pee is dripping down the top of the diaper. Unfortunately, this is a common dilemma faced by many parents of belly sleepers. But the solution is simple. By using a diaper booster to add more protection to these problem areas, even those who sleep on the stomach can sleep dry at night. Sposie diaper boosters also work great for your baby’s regular day diapers. Try them once and you will be hooked.

The Bottom Line

Our best pick for the best overnight diapers are BumGenius Freetime Cloth Diapers. These things are great for both day and night because they have excellent absorption and are super soft against a baby’s skin.

Leisure diapers will hold up well after washing and will fit your baby for a long time due to the adjustable snaps. They are easy to clean and there are no chemical ingredients inside each diaper. As a bonus, you’ll sleep easier at night knowing you’re doing something that’s great for the planet.

The initial investment to buy enough diapers is considerable, but in the long term you will save money with them.

Mothers out there, if you have a much-loved diaper overnight that has given you a few extra hours of sleep each night, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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